How the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA) Compares to PARCC

In October of 2018, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) announced that they were, as many states have also chosen to do, opting out of the PARCC assessment in lieu of administering their own New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA) this spring. At that time, the NJDOE gave limited information or resources to educators, simply stating, “the tests will have fewer questions and take less time to administer.” In November, the units and testing times were released; however, details about the content of the new assessments were not yet divulged.

5 Tips for Using the Assignment Library

Edcite has over 35,000 assignments in the public assignment library covering grade levels, subjects, and standards! Every day teachers in the Edcite community share new assignments into the library. You can also find state released practice tests digitized by the Edcite Team and other high-quality assessments from organizations such as Eureka Math and Achieve the Core.

Why 3rd Grade Literacy Is Pivotal

In my recent post about the current status of the academic gap, I stated that many agree that the academic gap is a literacy gap. As a result, many states and agencies have placed significant emphasis on literacy, focusing particularly on reading proficiency by 3rd grade. Why literacy and why this age? Well, the Anne E. Casey Foundation says 3rd grade reading has big implications, so let’s unpack that. 

5 Edcite Settings That Support Assessment Security

Teachers give assessments so that they can find out what students understand, what needs to be reviewed or retaught, and where differentiation needs to happen. Because the goal is to determine if student learning has occurred, it’s important for assessments, especially summative assessments, to be true indications of what students know. 

When teachers give an assessment on Edcite, they can quickly enable free settings that help support assessment security in the classroom.