Most Popular Digital Math Assignments of 2018-19

Teachers have shared over 37,000 assignments into the Edcite assignment library, covering all subjects and grade levels! As we end the 2018-19 school year, we wanted to take a look at the most popular assignments in our library. Read on for some of our teachers’ favorite math assignments (check out our ELA list here).

Equivalent Fractions:

Multimedia Multiple Choice - Fractions

Quiz 1 – All Standards – Grade 3:

Math Short Text Answer.gif

Two-step word problems:

Math Drag and Drop - Word Problem.gifPerformance Task – Fractions – Grade 5 – Numbers and Operations Fractions:

Matching - Math Problems.gif

3.NBT.A.1 Rounding Numbers:

Identify Flashing Images - Math Problem.gifFactoring and Multiples:

Grouping Drag and Drop - Math Problem.gif

Math 8 Slope and Linear Equations:

Math Short Text Answer - Slope.gif

Multiplication and Creating Bar Graphs:

Bar Graph Question.gif

Area and Perimeter:

Grouping Drag and Drop - Math - Perimeter.gif

Third/Fourth Class Analogue and Digital Clock Practice:

Clock Question

💻 Looking for more digital assignments? You can find more free assignments on our Featured Collections page.

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