2018-19 Year End Review

As the 2018-19 school year winds down, the Edcite Team wanted to take a look back at this incredible year. Read on to learn about some of our most Edciting moments!

Common Assessment Initiatives

Because of the positive feedback we received last year, we expanded our common assessment initiatives to all 50 states. Teachers across the country were able to give their students practice aligned to their state test and get instant feedback—for free!

Edcite Experts

This year we launched our new Edcite Experts program to highlight the outstanding work and dedication of teachers around the world who are using Edcite to engage their students.


This year we added several new product integrations in order to continue empowering teachers in the classroom. Edcite now offers Microsoft single sign-on for teachers who use Microsoft Teams at their school. We also added Google Classroom Gradebook to supplement our Google Classroom integrations. Plus, our Edcite Schools premium platform now integrates with Canvas.

New Assessments

We digitized new released items from many states across the U.S. and also added Eureka Math assessments to our library. Check out our Featured Collections to find free assessments.

Thank you to all of the organizations, teachers, administrators, schools, and districts that we have worked with this year. We can’t wait to see what 2019-20 has in store!

2018-19 Infographic (2)

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