Edcite Now Integrates with Microsoft SSO

Microsoft has over 135 million Office 365 users and a vast number of businesses, nonprofits and other organizations using Microsoft tools. Schools and districts want to prepare their students for the tools they will use in the workforce, so more and more schools are adopting Office 365 and Teams. In September 2017, it was reported that 125,000 organizations were using Microsoft Teams. By March 2018, that grew to 200,000, and in September 2018, there were close to 330,000 organizations using Teams.

At Edcite, we want to help teachers with the tools they are using, and we are always looking for ways to bridge those tools with Edcite. That is why we are very excited to announce our integration with Microsoft Single Sign-On. Teachers and students are now able to log in to their Edcite account with their Microsoft Azure login. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Are you a Microsoft school or district? We want to hear from you! What would would be most useful to see next as we add more Microsoft features to Edcite? Answer our 1-question survey below to send us your feedback.

Edcite – Microsoft Integration Survey

🏫 Does your school or district use Microsoft Teams? Our Edcite Schools platform allows schools and districts to give common assessments aligned to their state. Visit https://www.edcite.com/EdciteSchools to see how teams across the country are using the platform to drive student growth.

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