Edcite Expert Angel Rowland

Angel RowlandAngel Rowland is a high school math teacher at Ware County High School in Waycross, Georgia, and has been teaching for 17 years. This year she was accepted into our Edcite Experts program. She has advanced knowledge of Edcite and uses it frequently in her classroom. Fun fact: Angel’s husband is a business and technology teacher at WCHS and introduced her to Edcite! Read on to learn more about how Angel uses Edcite.

How long have you been using Edcite?

I have been using Edcite for about 2 years.

How do you use Edcite?

I use Edcite for tests, reviews, stations, warm-ups, and practice.

What is your favorite Edcite question type?

Math Keypad (see example below)math keypad example.gif

Do you have a favorite assignment that you have created on Edcite?

💻 Setting Up Trig Ratios: https://edcite.com/1jp8yv

Trig Ratios - Drop-Down Menu.gif

🍏 Thank you, Angel, for your dedication in the classroom!


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