Eureka Math Assessments on Edcite

At Edcite, we believe in giving teachers all of the tools that they need. We also believe in responding to teacher feedback. On a survey we gave last year, Eureka Math was one of the most requested pieces of curriculum on Edcite—so we responded! We have digitized assessments from Eureka Math so that teachers everywhere can use them easily.

Why do our teachers love Eureka Math? The same reasons we do!

Alignment – Eureka Math was built from the ground up to be aligned to CCSS and new state standards. Many curriculum providers tried to re-adapt old material and claim that it was aligned, but Eureka Math is built straight from the new standards.

Rigor – The assessments push students to do more with their answer. Auto-graded questions are often Constructed Response, so a student has to do more than just select a correct answer; they must create it.  All assessments also feature Open-Ended Responses that ask students to explain their thinking, which can help uncover misconceptions.

21st Century Skills – Assessments are grounded in real world problem-solving. This is important for College and Career Readiness. Jobs of the future will require that students are comfortable with handling complex situations and ambiguity.

Why should teachers use Eureka Math on Edcite?

Standards-Based Data – Teachers can use our Eureka Math assessments and get data aligned to their state’s math standards for FREE! As former teachers, the Edcite Team knows how frequently teachers are asked to use money from their own pocket to pay for school supplies. We believe in giving back to teachers by offering a free product.

Common Assessments – Schools and districts can use Edcite Schools to deliver Eureka Math as common assessments and gain access to all of our school and district-wide reporting features for administrators.

State-Aligned ExperienceEdcite Schools allows students to practice with the look and feel of their state assessment while working on Eureka Module Assessments.

Eureka Math Assessment Collections on Edcite

You can find our module assessment collections on our Featured Collections page or by clicking the links below. Sign up for a free account on Edcite today and assign your students a Eureka Math assessment!

💻 Eureka Math Grade 3 Assessments

💻 Eureka Math Grade 4 Assessments

💻 Eureka Math Grade 5 Assessments

💻 Eureka Math Grade 6 Assessments

💻 Eureka Math Grade 7 Assessments

💻 Eureka Math Grade 8 Assessments

💻 Eureka Math High School Assessments


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