Edcite Now Integrates with Google Classroom Gradebook

Much like Edcite, Google Classroom is a powerful, free tool for teachers. Teachers around the world use Google Classroom’s suite of tools to send assignments to students and manage their class stream. We are very excited to be integrating with Google Classroom Gradebook as an additional step in our integration journey.

Chromebooks are the #1 selling device for K-12 schools in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, and New Zealand, and worldwide 30 million students use Chromebooks. Across the globe, 80 million students and teachers use G Suite for Education, and 40 million students and teachers use Google Classroom. Teachers can now do even more with Classroom by using Gradebook to keep track of grades.

With Google Classroom Gradebook, teachers can:

  • See all grades for their class.
  • Add and update grades for classwork created in Classroom.
  • Create grading categories and set weighted percentages or default points.
  • View an overall grade for students.

Edcite’s new integration with Gradebook means that teachers have an even more efficient way to keep track of Edcite scores. With the click of a button, teachers can push Edcite assignment scores directly into Gradebook.

Want to start using Google Classroom with Edcite? Watch the videos below to learn more and sign up for a free account at www.edcite.com.





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