Edcite Schools Integrates with Canvas

Canvas and Edcite share a philosophy: we want to give educators powerful tools to create better futures for their students. At Edcite, we have seen a lot of growth in K12 for Canvas because, as schools and districts are moving toward more online curriculum, they now need the LMS capabilities that were once only used by colleges and universities. Canvas is a flexible framework that districts can set up to meet these needs. With K-12 customers in 49 of the 50 states and 4,000 customers overall, Canvas has become the solution for districts across the country.  

Edcite offers integration with Canvas through our school/district platform, Edcite Schools. Teachers who are part of Edcite Schools can:

Students who are part of Edcite Schools can:

We recognize that Edcite Schools is one of many tools for formative and summative assessments. Sending data to Canvas Gradebook is a recognition of the fact that our districts have a need to see their data all in one place.

Justin Bennett from Republic School District in Missouri said, “We are going to leverage the Canvas integration with Edcite Schools to help facilitate our data portion of our new RTI program. With the two programs communicating with each other, it is going to allow for a seamless process that will give our educators updated data in order to make informed decisions with their instruction.”  

Interested in sending Edcite assessment data to another back-end reporting system? Fill out our form to tell us about your reporting system.

A great journey begins with a single step, and our journey with Canvas is just beginning. Do you have other suggestions for Canvas integrations to add to our roadmap? Send us an email at schools@edcite.com.

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