Edcite Drag & Drop March Madness Championship

March Madness is underway, and we are joining the competition with our March Madness Drag & Drop Championship! Follow #EdciteMarchMadness on social media to see which Edcite drag & drop question types have been most popular in 2019. We’ll be posting our Sweet Sixteen, Final Four, and the Championship Winner on the days of the NCAA tournament. You can also download and print our Drag & Drop Championship bracket to keep track of our question types and the winners in each heat.

UPDATE: Our Final Four drag & drop question types are: Drag and Drop – Math, Drag and Drop – Text, Grouping Drag and Drop, and Fill-in-the-Blanks! Check back during the NCAA Championship to see which question type has been most popular this year. 

✨ Now it’s time to present our Drag & Drop Sweet Sixteen of 2019! ✨

Table Drag and Drop vs. Drag and Drop – Math

Winner: Drag and Drop – Math

Table Drag & Drop - mm

Math Drag and Drop - mm.gif

Match Text to Text vs. Label Image

Winner: Label Image

Match Text to Text - mm.gif

Label Image.gif

Rearrange Text vs. Multimedia Matching

Winner: Rearrange Text

Rearrange Text.gif

Multimedia Matching - mm.gif

Drag & Drop – Text vs. Pictograph Answer

Winner: Drag and Drop – Text

Drag and Drop Text - mm.gif


Number Line – Points and Ranges vs. Dot Plot Answer

Winner: Number Line – Points and Ranges

Number Line.gif

Dot Plot Answer


Grouping Drag and Drop vs. Venn Diagram

Winner: Grouping Drag and Drop

Grouping Drag and Drop - Measurements.gif


Venn Diagram.gif

Graph Linear Inequalities vs. Order List Answer

Winner: Order List Answer

Graph Linear Inequalities.gif

Order List

Graph Points and Lines vs. Fill-in-the-Blanks

Winner: Fill-in-the-Blanks

Graph Lines and Points.gif

Fill-in-the-Blank Drag and Drop - Vocab

Which drag & drop question type is most popular this year? Will your favorite win?

Want to find drag & drop questions that are ready to send to students? Sign up for a free teacher account and search our Question Bank or Assignment Library. Want to create your own drag & drop questions? Check out our YouTube playlist to learn how!

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