Free Response Question Type

With 60 question types, Edcite has more technology-enhanced question types than any other assessment platform. Most of our question types are auto-graded, but we also offer teacher-graded written response and graphing questions that allow students to respond in a variety of ways and show a deep understanding of the curriculum. 

One of our most popular question types across subjects is our free response question.

Numeric Answer Question Type

Math teachers love using Edcite to create assessments aligned to state standards. With the variety of question types available and 150,000+ items in our Question Bank, teachers can also give students practice aligned to their state test.

One of our most popular question types is the numeric answer question type!

Select Text from Stimulus Question Type

Edcite has technology-enhanced question types that align to state tests across the country. Our 60 digital question types can be used across subjects to assess students’ learning and knowledge of standards. 

One of our most popular question types is the select text from stimulus question type found on PARCC-formatted tests.

Essay Response Question Type

All teachers are literacy teachers and should be assessing students’ reading and writing skills. With the data, teachers across subjects can then plan for differentiation or next steps to improve student learning. Edcite offers dozens of technology-enhanced question types that help teachers assess literacy.

One of our most popular question types across subjects is our essay question.

Math Keypad Question Type

Edcite offers technology-enhanced question types that align with many state tests around the country, including those that use the SBAC, PARCC, and AIR formats. In fact, Edcite offers 60 question types. Teachers and common assessment teams who want to create their own auto-graded items can even filter by state assessment.

One of our most popular question types in math is our math keypad question type.

Graph Quadratic Functions Question Type

Teachers love the variety of technology-enhanced question types available on Edcite. Did you know that Edcite has 60 interactive question types, most with auto-grading? Teachers can assess students’ knowledge of standards and receive data instantly. Teachers can then re-teach or provide enrichment, based on what the data says.

One of Edcite’s most popular question types for math is the graph quadratic functions question type.

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