Math Keypad Question Type

Edcite offers technology-enhanced question types that align with many state tests around the country, including those that use the SBAC, PARCC, and AIR formats. In fact, Edcite offers 60 question types! Teachers and common assessment teams who want to create their own auto-graded items can even filter by state assessment.

One of our most popular question types is our math keypad question type. We offer two options based on state test alignment.

Math Keypad (Multiple Answers) (#062) asks students to answer by typing one or more expressions using a customizable math keypad. Conditional and group scoring options are available to allow for a range of answers. This question type aligns with PARCC-formatted tests.

Math Keypad (Single Answer) (#063) asks students to type in one or more expressions using a math keypad that includes operations for numeric expressions and equations. Teachers can enable equivalent expressions to allow students to answer in multiple formats. This question type aligns with SBAC and AIR-formatted tests.

Check out these math keypad items that teachers have shared on Edcite!

💻 Keypad Fraction Practice

💻 Middle Radical

💻 Find the length

💻 Subtraction Q1

💻 Angle Types Math Keypad

Want to create your own math keypad question? 🎥 Watch the quick step-by-step video below to learn how.

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