Label Image Question Type

When teachers can give assessments for learning on Edcite, students and teachers get feedback immediately. Teachers also get an instant report by standard, which helps teachers quickly plan next steps for improving student learning. Plus, Edcite allows teachers to assess with a choice of 60 technology-enhanced question types that engage students.

One of our most popular question types across subjects is our label image question.

Label Image (#120) asks students to label a diagram or image by dragging and dropping answers into the correct spots, selecting the answer from a drop-down menu, or typing the answer. This allows teachers to assess students at different DOK levels, and teachers can easily differentiate by creating different versions of the question. This question type is also auto-graded, no matter how students are asked to answer.

Check out these label image items that teachers have shared on Edcite!

💻 ATP Cycle Label Image

💻 Digestive System Labeling

💻 Parts of a Flower

💻 Two-Way Frequency Tables

💻 Landscape Label

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