Short Text Answer Question Type

Edcite allows teachers to give formative and summative assessments with technology-enhanced question types. Most of our 60 question types are auto-graded, giving teachers and students immediate feedback. This also saves teachers time with grading!

One of our most popular question types is our short text answer question type.

Short Text Answer (#027) asks students to answer by typing a 1-3 word response in the answer box. This question type is auto-graded and teachers can set alternative answers and set up partial credit.

Check out these short text answer items that teachers have shared on Edcite!

💻 The Arctic is melting — so what? / Q. 1

💻 Short Text Answer Sample Question

💻 Irregular Verbs – Q. 2

💻 Tom Sawyer Mini-Assessment/ Q. 6

💻 How do fish like their water? / Q. 4

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