Edcite Tools for Remote and Blended Learning

As educators around the globe plan for the 2020/21 school year, much remains unknown. Whether schools remain closed or students begin to return to campuses with social distancing and staggered schedules, we know that teams need better tools for remote and blended learning.

Check out some of these Edcite tools that your team can use!

Real-time Connect (BETA)

Edcite’s Real-time Connect (BETA) tool allows teachers to leverage live video and communication features during formative and summative assessments. Teachers can leverage this new tool to provide the support students need, when they need it. It allows teacher guidance to be provided within the Edcite assignment instead of doing follow-up calls after work is submitted or students managing multiple tabs. This can also be used to help with proctoring secure assessments.

The video tools allow the teacher to broadcast to the entire class or directly with specific students. Teachers can see all of the students, but students only see the teacher. This feature also shows teachers which students are on the assessment tab or have navigated to a different page or application. To learn more about how to set-up and use Real-time Connect click here.

Timed Assessments

Edcite now allows teachers to set a time limit. Teachers have always been able to see the amount of time a student is spending on a question or assignment in the summary report, but now teachers can set the maximum amount of time for the assessment. If you set the timer for 45 minutes, the assignment will automatically submit at that point with whatever work the student has completed. To learn more about how to set-up and use the time limit feature, click here.

Instant Feedback & Explanations for Students

Edcite settings allow students to receive immediate feedback on the questions they answered. You can turn that on to appear after they complete the entire assignment, or turn on answer checks after each question. Turning on answer checks after each question allows students to see question by question how they are doing with the skill and implement the feedback on the next question.

You can also embed videos or written solutions to accompany the answer feedback so students can better understand why the answer is what it is when they see the auto-scoring.

Question Types Aligned to the Skills Taught

Edcite has 60 types of questions to ensure that teachers can accurately measure understanding of the skills being taught. Whether you want students to show time on a clock or select parts of an excerpt, there are question types for all subjects and levels so you don’t have to simplify your checks for understanding.

Uploading Student Work & Projects

Students can upload their written work or project materials using the attachment feature on our essay response. This allows students to add an image, video, audio clip, powerpoint, or PDF. This is perfect if you’d like students to attach a picture of their work to support a math question or if you want them to attach a powerpoint they made based on some informational readings.

With the premium Edcite Schools platform, students can also directly record their written answers using a microphone button which aligns well with English Language Learner assessments and can be great for having students verbally talk you through their answers.

Student Focus Tracking & Secure Browser

With students being away from teachers, sometimes it’s hard to keep students on task and monitor their focus. Edcite’s student focus tracker allows you to see how many times students navigated away from the assignment tab and how many minutes they spent off of the assignment.

With the premium Edcite Schools platform, assessments can also be sent in our secure browser which will lock down the student’s assessment and not let them open any other tabs or applications during the assessment.

Integration with Google Classroom & other applications

During remote and blended learning, simplifying communication with students is even more important. Edcite allows teachers to import their Google Classroom, post Edcite assignments directly into the Classroom feed, and pass grades from Edcite into the Google Classroom gradebook.

Edcite also offers different integrations with Clever, Microsoft, and Canvas. Many teams also leverage Edcite’s assignment codes to post to any messaging platforms they are using for remote and blended learning.

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