Live Video for Distance Learning with Edcite

Live video calls can help support students in distance learning.
Launch live videos calls from Edcite assignments

Distance learning presents new challenges for teachers and students – one of the biggest questions we have heard is how to effectively use call and video technology efficiently to support students.  First, some background information:

  1. This post assumes you have chosen a video platform to use, but if you haven’t, check out this google doc listing video services available for educators. Once you have decided and set up your Zoom, Gotomeeting, Google or Skype account, you will be able to generate a meeting link for students to join. 
  2. This post is focused on how teachers can use live video to bring distance learning to life. If you want to learn more about how you can use recorded videos, check out these posts on Using Edcite for Instruction and Adding Recorded Videos to your Assignments

Now that you have a video platform setup for live video, let’s look at how you can bring live video into your Edcite assessments! 

# 1 Guided Practice  

Work with the student while they are working through an assignment or assessment

Guided Practice in distance learning – some ideas:

  • Useful for introducing students to new material at a distance
  • Good way to work through challenging tasks (i.e. performance tasks)
  • Supporting all learners with material – good for special education 
  • Share other ways you would use this with!
  • How to Guide – Adding Live Video for Guided Practice

#2 Review Answers

Work with the student while they are working through an assignment or assessment

Debriefing in distance learning – some ideas:

#3 Live Proctor

Monitor students during the assessment with live video to ensure a secure testing environment

Assessment security in distance learning is a challenge, but Edcite has features to help! You can follow student progress using the Live Progress dashboard (help guide) and enable the Edcite Lockdown (Secure) Browser.  If you want to use this but are not part of an Edcite Schools account, we are enabling access to this Premium feature for free to support distance learning. To get access, shoot us an email at if you want access to this! 

Coming soon –  a feature that will allow teachers to do a live video call while students are in the secure browser for proctoring summative exams at a distance.

Got any feedback or suggestions for how Edcite can help you with distance learning? Send us an email at

Thanks for everything that you do and be safe,

The Edcite Team

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