Adding videos for instruction or remediation on Edcite

With the shift to remote learning, video has become a more integral part of the learning experience. Edcite allows teams to embed videos for both instruction and remediation to ensure students have the academic support when they need it.

Adding Video for Instruction

Teachers can add video into any question type to teach a skill, provide content knowledge, or even frame the activity students are about to do. These are best placed in the stimulus portion of the question.

Videos can be uploaded directly from your computer.

Videos can also be found on YouTube. Khan Academy is a great platform for instructional videos!

Adding Video for Remediation

Videos can also be shown to students after they submit an assignment or question to give immediate feedback and offer some reteaching or remediation.

To make videos available upon submission, use the “solutions” tab of the question to insert a video from your computer or something from YouTube.

This is a great spot to add a video of you explaining why the answer is what it is or address the most common misconceptions for that question.

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