Scheduling Collections & Sharing with Colleagues

On Edcite, a collection is a group of assignments. You can find collections that have been curated by The Edcite Team on the Featured Collections page. Teachers can also curate assignments into their own collection. Collections can then be scheduled in bulk.

If, for example, you want to give a geometry warm-up every day for a month, you could curate that set of assignments as an Edcite Collection and use the scheduler to set it all up today.

Creating Edcite Collections for Curation

To create a collection, navigate to the Featured Collections page, where you can see already created sets of assignments.

Then, you will switch from “Featured Collections” to “My Collections.”

Once you are in “My Collections” you can create your own collection.

You can add assignments from the Assignments Library or assignments you have created and shared publicly. Once your collection is built, you can use the schedule button to push out all of the assignments, releasing to students on the appropriate days.

In the example below, we are showing the scheduler in action for this Middle School Social Studies Collection curated by the Edcite Team. For more ready to use collections check out our Featured Collections page.

The scheduler allows you to set a start date and time and select when you want each assignment to follow. For example, maybe I want to release a new performance task every Monday, so I would just click the single “M” circle. You can also set when you would like the assignment to close.

Sharing Collections with Colleagues

On any collection you find, there will be a “Copy Share Link” button—it’s below the “Schedule” button. You can use this to share your collection with your colleagues or larger educator network.

If you support a large team of teachers, creating ready-to-go curated collections can help ease the burden of sifting through all the available resources and focus on implementation and building in sustainable routines.

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