Using Edcite for Instruction and Formative Assessment

Edcite can be used at any point in the lesson; from morning work to exit tickets, from summative assessments to formative assessments, from direct instruction to independent practice—Edcite has you covered. In this post we will focus on using Edcite for instruction and formative assessment.

Using Edcite for Instruction

Edcite allows teachers to embed videos, simulations, reading materials, and more into their assignments. This can provide the space to insert the necessary instruction or lesson materials before students start practicing the skill(s). In the Edcite question editor, insert your materials in the “stimulus”.

Inserting Videos

You can upload videos from your computer that you have recorded of yourself teaching a skill or leverage some of the countless instructional videos on YouTube. We often recommend Khan Academy as a great resource for embedding instructional videos.

Inserting Simulations

You can insert a simulation or embedded page into Edcite using these directions. This allows you to leverage free platforms like PhET Sims to give students the ability to practice a skill before answering the questions. The idea is that they learn by manipulating the simulation in a more explorative process. Check out some sample assignments with PhET Sims here.

Inserting Readings

You can insert excerpts or full passages into your assignments to have students learn about a new topic or read the next section in a book you are reading. You can find information about finding texts available for use here.

Using Edcite for Formative Assessment

By default, Edcite assignments are set-up to be formative. Students receive immediate feedback when they submit. They can see all of the solutions and explanations that go along with the questions. In the assignment settings, you will notice our default is to show answers and scores when students submit.

To make the assignment even more formative, you can turn on “allow answer checks after each question”. This allows students to get feedback after each question answered instead of waiting until the end when they submit.

Edcite can be used in many ways, feel free to reach out to for any additional information on using Edcite for instruction and formative assessment.

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