We’re 2 Years Old!


It’s here! It’s here! Our 2nd birthday!

Two years ago, when we released the Beta version of our website, we had no idea how the site would evolve. We didn’t know how teachers would use our platform, we didn’t know whether they would like it. Now, two years later, we can barely believe how our site and our beloved community has grown. Over 64,000 teachers, and close to 600,000 students! Over 11,000 digital assignments and 40,000 interactive questions! Is this real life?!


Here Come the Gifts!

Basic RGBWhat’s a birthday without presents?! In honor of our special month, we’ll be releasing a new product feature (or shall we say, product present?) each week! We’ll publicize our gifts on Twitter and Facebook, so keep your eyes peeled for those exciting updates.

Calling All Edcite Enthusiasts!

Help us spread the Edcite love this month! If you and your students use Edcite, tweet us a picture or email it to us at hello@edcite.com. Better yet? Send us a video clip and we’ll include it in our upcoming Birthday Month compilation! For every Tweet, Facebook post, or email we get, we’ll enter your name into a raffle for some outstanding gear! Because who doesn’t love free t-shirts and pens?! 


Though we’re grateful to celebrate the amazing things we’ve accomplished so far, we’re even more excited to see where we’re headed. With your help, we know we’ll make year 3 our best one yet!

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