#EdTechEquity, Committing to the Conversation


When we actively believe that all people deserve a high quality education, we become more mindful in aligning our actions to making that happen. Every individual and group has a responsibility and part to play in fostering and ensuring equitable education for all. We look to teachers in the classrooms to ensure that students are taught in an equitable way. We look to school leaders to ensure that teachers are supported in providing that equitable education. We look to communities and families to support the schools and work in partnership with their educators. We look to policy makers to write equitable policies. Everyone has a role. And everyone has a responsibility to fulfill it. But what does it look like to commit as a company or organization, as opposed to the individuals within it, to education equity?

I am a proud member of the Edcite Team and make education equity a priority in everything I do. I also know that every member of our team does the same. But how can we leverage the reach and potential as a company to also make education equity a priority? What responsibility do companies have in engaging in the extremely necessary conversations and actions in regards to equity around the world–specifically in our line of work, education technology equity? The answer should be obvious–a huge responsibility! With great power, comes great responsibility. When building a platform that has the power to touch the lives and education of millions of students, we have a responsibility to build it with equity in mind. When supporting teachers and schools who are already pushed for time and finances, we have a responsibility to provide with equity in mind. And when engaging with the world online in regards to Education Technology, we have a responsibility to do so with equity in mind.

This is why we are partnering with like-minded companies and organizations like Story Shares to provide free high quality reading material to students in our passage library. This is why we are mapping all of our content to the Irish Curriculum with Camara Ireland and providing resources as Gaeilge (in Irish). This is why are launching a Twitter chat next week, not about Edcite or EdTech in general, but about a conversation that needs to continue to grow–a conversation about equity in education technology.

Nobody has all the answers–but it is through dialogue that leads to action that moves us forward. Join us on Sundays at 2pm ET for a conversation about #EdTechEquity.

First chat starts on Sunday, November 1st as an introductory chat: What is #EdTechEquity?


    1. Thanks for the comment! You can join by using the hashtag #EdTechEquity in any of your tweets. If you search that hashtag staring at 2pm EST, you will see everything people are writing and can respond and participate that way. 🙂

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