What We Wish For: Our Visions For The Future of Education

We all know that you need to make a wish when you blow out your birthday candles, and you’re supposed to keep that wish to yourself. We are breaking that rule (sorry!) because these wishes are too important to keep to ourselves. We hope very much that they come true!

Wish 1

Over the last few years, the education world has been abuzz with talks of technology. What are the best new apps? Should all of the state tests be administered digitally? How can teachers integrate more technology into the classroom? And how is the use of technology impacting student learning?

While these questions are poignant and worthwhile to consider, they shouldn’t distract us from an issue that lies at the heart of everything, in EdTech and in all areas of education: equity.

Technology isn’t going anywhere. We know that, and we’re thankful for it (because… well… that’s what we do and we believe in the power it offers). But we want to make sure that these major shifts in how we access and interact with the information around us take into account the students who have typically been marginalized. We want teachers, education leaders, and EdTech companies making it a point to listen to all voices–especially those that have been devalued or ignored.

We wish that every discussion and decision that happens in EdTech, across all stakeholders, considers and prioritizes #EdTechEquity.

Wish 2

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to see the underdog win? In EdTech there are many players–both big and small companies. The limitations of larger companies often mean a more homogenous education solution–more one size fits all–which can be quite limiting when thinking of education on a global scale. Smaller companies sometimes have the flexibility to meet the various niche needs of different schools and often have the capacity to keep an ear to the ground and listen to the needs of teachers and students alike in ways larger companies just can’t (or sometimes just won’t?).

More small players succeeding in education technology means more choice and more representation for schools–we are all for that.

We wish for the small players to have their chance to provide the support to schools that they are uniquely able to give.

Wish 3

No one knows what’s best for their students more than teachers. And yet, we too often see autonomy and the power of creativity being stripped from teachers. We intend to disrupt this trend by giving teachers tons of flexibility over their content, and we hope that other EdTech companies shoot for the same goal. Give teachers as much control as possible! They’ll know what to do with it.

We wish for the world to cop on as they say in Ireland (get with it), and realize that teacher knows best!

Wish 4

We love teachers!! Teachers have the most important job in the world, and yet sometimes we treat them as nothing more than glorified babysitters. Not only is this horribly depressing and unfair, but it’s also counterproductive, for the pervasively negative treatment of teachers ends up making the most critical employment one that is enshrouded in stress and overregulation. This needs to change. It just does.

Teachers need to be supported not just by their administration, but by their communities, by their partners in this work, by all of us.

We wish for teachers to be recognized, respected, and rewarded at the level that fits the most important job in the world!

Wish 5

The famous proverb asserts that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Let’s see more of that! When families, students, schools, and community members work together, the outcomes are not only stronger for students–they are stronger for the community also.

All too often, teachers are left alone with the immense responsibility of educating a community. We hope to see more opportunities for other community stakeholders to get involved in schooling, and more changes for teachers to come together as a community. They are all of our kids!

We wish that communities everywhere would recognize that we all have a responsibility to our children and become engaged supporters of local schools!

We hope these wishes come true–we certainly will be doing our part and would love your thoughts and how we can all work together to make these happen!

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