Using Edcite to Prepare Students for the Texas STAAR Tests

Assessments in Texas

For many years, the STAAR assessment has been delivered in a paper-pencil format, but beginning in the 2021/22 school year the state begins a formal transition to online testing. In the 2021/22 school year, a number of school districts will pilot the online assessments with the official state-wide implementation in the 2022/23 school year.

How Can Edcite Help Students Prepare for STAAR Tests?

To build familiarity with the technology-enhanced items used on the STAAR tests, teams can find or build the same question types on Edcite. Below is a table detailing the new online STAAR item types, the subject tests on which they will appear, a support guide on how to build the item types on Edcite, and a sample question from our library. To find additional already-built items, check out Edcite’s Question Bank.

New Item TypeReading Language ArtsMathScienceSocial StudiesHow to build on EdciteSample Question on Edcite
Multi-selectMultiple Choice (#005)Sample
Multiple Choice (#005)Sample
Drag-and-dropFill-in-the-blanks (#002)Sample
Hot SpotTouch Image (#123)Sample
GraphingManipulate Grouped Bar Graph (#085)Sample
Equation EditorMath Keypad (Single Answer) (#063)Sample
Hot TextSelect Text from Excerpt (#007)Sample
Inline ChoiceFill-in-the-blanks (#002)Sample
Text EntryFill-in-the-blanks (#002)Sample
Short Constructed ResponseFree Response (#101)Sample
Match Table GridTable Checkbox (#10)Sample

STAAR-aligned Interface and Tools

While Texas offers a portal for trying out the online interface and tools, Edcite provides the opportunity to blend that technology practice with your curriculum plan. Students can practice the online navigation for formative or summative assessments, morning work, exit tickets, homework, etc. Check out Edcite’s premium Texas interface along with STAAR-aligned tools below (note: all teachers can give a released STAAR test in Edcite’s premium viewer by using this link).

For more information on how Edcite can help prepare students for the STAAR tests, check out this page.

We always welcome feedback and strive to make Edcite the best platform it can be. If you have any suggestions on how we could make your Edcite experience better, please reach out to

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