Searching Edcite for High-quality Content

Search Filters

Edcite’s Question Bank has more than 250,000 items and the Assignment Library has 50,000 assignments. As more content is shared, search filters become even more essential so you can find exactly what you’re looking for by narrowing the results. Using the filters, you can search for content by grade, subject, number of questions, multimedia type, grading option, or search by state standards.

Once you enter your search criteria, you can then choose to sort your results based on popularity, relevance, or date. If you are a beginner user, we recommend sorting by popularity and relevance. If you are a longtime Edcite user and you’ve already used those popular assignments, try sorting by newest content for fresh material.

Finding High-quality Content

We know that state released tests are some of the highest quality and most vetted content out there. That’s why we’re excited that our libraries make it so easy to find them with our new “State Released Tests” filter. Not only can you find your state’s assessments, you can also find other state’s assessments already tagged to your standards. Check out how easy this search is below:

State-aligned Viewers (Edcite Schools)

While all Edcite users get to use the technology-enhanced items, Edcite Schools teams have the added benefit of delivering their tests with the same look and feel (and same accommodations) as their state assessments. For example, an Ohio team can use a released test from Massachusetts and still have it mirror their end of year state test experience. Check out some examples here:

If you’d like to learn more about Edcite Schools, our premium platform for schools and districts, click here or reach out to us at

Featured Collections

While searching the libraries is great, if you’re looking for a simple list of your state’s released assessments, check out our Featured Collections page.

We always welcome feedback and strive to make Edcite the best platform it can be. If you have any suggestions on how we could make your Edcite experience better, please reach out to

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