10 Reasons Why We Appreciate Teachers

In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Day, we wanted to share our admiration for teachers. Here are ten reasons why we appreciate teachers!

1. Teachers work tirelessly for their students.

The last bell may ring in the afternoon, but that doesn’t mean that a teacher’s day is over. Teachers are constantly planning, grading, analyzing data, connecting with parents, and helping their colleagues.


2. Teachers are an unending source of creativity.

Teachers constantly come up with new ways to engage their students and give them meaningful and fun ways to learn.


3. Teachers are experts in their subject.

Middle school and high school teachers are experts in their subject — and elementary teachers are experts in several! Teachers are true professionals with a high level of expertise and education.


4. Teachers are passionate about what they do.

Teachers work with students in the classroom because they love what they do. What could be better than that?


5. Teachers believe in equality in education.

All students deserve to learn and gain the skills they need to succeed in life, and the best teachers make equality in education a priority.


6. Teachers prepare students for life beyond exams.

Teachers teach more than just English, history, math, and science. We all remember a teacher who taught us important life lessons.


7. Teachers inspire students by seeing the best in them.

When students need help believing in themselves, teachers are there to inspire and support them.


8. Teachers help awaken interests in new topics.

Behind most successful people is a teacher who helped get them excited about learning or a particular subject.


9. Teachers make a difference in every single student’s life, even when they don’t realize it.

Even a greeting at the classroom door can make a huge difference in a student’s life. Teachers have an impact every day!


10. Teachers are all-around incredible people.

Teachers truly are some of the best people we know. Period.


We hope that you’ll join us by letting teachers know why you appreciate them. 🙂  Talk to a teacher, write a note, send an email, or share a social media message!


  1. Teachers definitely should be appreciated, since they’re the ones who work hard to educate hundreds, if not, thousands of students. Thank you for this article!

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