Women’s History Month Resources on Edcite

Happy Women’s History Month! Teachers in the Edcite community have shared many assignments that honor great women and teach students about women’s history.  Check out the assignments below that can be used in elementary, middle school, and high school. Use these throughout the month of March or any day of the year!


💻 Susan B. Anthony and the Nineteenth Amendment: (Grades 3, 4, 5) Students will analyze an informational text.

💻 Women and Rights: (Grades 4, 5) Students will compose a written response analyzing two informational texts about the women’s rights movement.

💻 from Amelia: (Grade 5) Students will analyze a fictional script about Amelia Earhart.

💻 Play Ball!: (Grade 5) Students will read about women’s minor league baseball during World War II and answer questions.

💻 Mae Jemison: (4th Grade) Students will analyze a passage about astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison (includes audio instructions).

💻 Latinas in Space: (5th Grade) Students will analyze passages about about astronauts Dr. Ellen Ochoa and Dr. Serena M. Auñón.

💻 I Am Malala Informational Reading Pre-Test: (Grade 7) Students will analyze Chapter 8 of the autobiographical book I Am Malala.

💻 Extended Lesson – Maya Angelou – Grade 9 – Reading Informational Text: (Grade 9) Students will read about Maya Angelou’s life and analyze informational text.

💻 Frankenstein Test: (Grades 9-11) Students will perform literary analysis on an excerpt from Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein.

💻 Analyzing the Removal of the Women’s Olympic 800M through Gender Schema Theory: (High School) Students will analyze multiple texts and video.

Looking for more assignments that honor women’s history? Check out our full collection of assignments curated from our library!

Honoring Women’s History Month – Featured Collection


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