5 Tips for Using the Assignment Library

Edcite has over 35,000 assignments in the public assignment library, covering all grade levels, core subjects, and standards! In fact, every day teachers in the Edcite community share new assignments into the library. You can also find state released practice tests digitized by the Edcite Team and other high-quality assessments from organizations such as Eureka Math and Achieve the Core.

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Ready to start sending your students digital practice for free? Get started today with these 5 tips for using the assignment library.

1.  Search by grade or subject

Select your grade and subject to filter the list of assignments. You can also search for assignments above or below the grade level you teach in order to provide differentiation in your classroom.

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2. Search by number of questions

Whether you are looking for a final exam or an exit ticket, the number of questions filter will help you focus your search.

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3. Search by type of multimedia

If you’d like to engage students with multimedia, give them practice with listening standards, or have them analyze an image, the multimedia filter is a helpful option for searching the library.

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4. Search by type of grading

Edcite features 60 technology-enhanced question types, which is more than any other platform. Most question types are auto-graded but a few, such as free response, are scored by the teacher. If you’re looking for assignments that feature one type of grading or both, use the grading filter in the library.

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5. Browse by standard

One of the most popular features in the assignment library is the Browse Standards option. Toggle to this feature to see your state standards, and select a standards category to view the number of assignments available for each standard.

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🎥 You can also check out our quick video about searching in the assignment library.


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