Our Test Prep Playlist: ELA

Last week, we posted a blog post with links to our math test prep resources and the response was overwhelming! ‘Tis the testing season, after all. Based on this positive response, we chose to spend this week’s blog post highlighting our exceptional ELA resources as well. We hope these are helpful!

SmarterBalanced Resources

Practice Tests

Grade Assignment Name Short URL
3 ELA SBAC Practice Test https://edcite.com/1mclaa
7 ELA Practice Test https://edcite.com/1qud3j
8 ELA Practice Test https://edcite.com/1tz7wk

Performance Tasks

Grade Assignment Name Short URL
4 ELA Performance Task https://edcite.com/16ekj0
6 ELA Performance Task https://edcite.com/17g5wq
7 ELA Performance Task https://edcite.com/1s6l0n
8 ELA Performance Task https://edcite.com/1ny88u
11 ELA Performance Task https://edcite.com/1l7xys

Other Practice Assignments for SmarterBalanced

Grade Assignment Name Short URL
3 ELA SBAC Practice Assignment https://edcite.com/1nm4j1
6-8 SBAC Prep https://edcite.com/1aydx1
7 Frederick Douglass https://edcite.com/1gbhlz

PARCC Resources

Elementary School Resources

Grade Assignment Name Short URL
3 Gr. 3 PARCC Practice https://edcite.com/13mpdz
4 PARCC Practice: Foster Care https://edcite.com/19x5ti
4 PARCC Practice: Secret Garden https://edcite.com/1kplzj
5 5th grade PR https://edcite.com/1sgz1w
5 PARCC EOY Practice https://edcite.com/1gzuuo



Middle + High School

Grade Assignment Name Short URL
6 Module B PARCC Practice https://edcite.com/1n7gz2
7 PARCC Task 1 https://edcite.com/1cvxjt
8 Happiness PARCC Research Task https://edcite.com/1zha7v
8 Research Simulation Task https://edcite.com/1oeost
8 The Giver Final Test https://edcite.com/1i8tdn
11 Crucible ELA Assessment https://edcite.com/1pinn6

A huge thank you to all the teachers who created these outstanding assignments and shared them with the greater community. If you have come across any other helpful ELA resources in the Edcite library, please share in the comments below!

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