Our Test Prep Playlist: Math

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Spring is in the air! And that doesn’t just mean rain showers and spring allergies. For many, spring means testing season, and there’s nothing quite as stressful as that.

To help our beloved teacher community, we have assembled a playlist of our best test prep resources. This one has exceptional resources for math teachers, and we’ll be post a similar playlist for ELA folks soon. We hope this helps!

SmaterBalanced Resources

*SmarterBalanced is a major testing consortium that will be administering digital exams in 18 member states, including California, Oregon and Washington on the West Coast and Connecticut, Delaware, and Vermont on the East Coast.

Grade Assignment Name Link
3 SBAC Grade 3 Practice Test https://edcite.com/1m42ht
4 SBAC Grade 4 Practice Test https://edcite.com/122l59
5 SBAC Grade 5 Practice Test https://edcite.com/1i15tv
6 SBAC Grade 6 Practice Test https://edcite.com/19ytlk
7 SBAC Grade 7 Practice Test https://edcite.com/1hbsvr
8 SBAC Grade 8 Practice Test https://edcite.com/1fp7nd


PARCC Resources

*PARCC is a major testing consortium that will be administering digital Common Core exams in 13 states, including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Illinois.

Grade Assignment Name Link
5 PARCC Grade 5 EOY https://edcite.com/1en3fb
6 PARCC Grade 6 EOY https://edcite.com/13fdda
7 PARCC Grade 7 EOY https://edcite.com/19o70m
8 PARCC Grade 8 EOY https://edcite.com/10pxfl

You should also see our Top 10 PARCC Assignments for more outstanding resources!

Tests on Common Core Standards

These “quizzes” (quizzes are probably less stress-inducing to the little tykes!) will help you assess which Common Core standards your students may need to review, and which standards your students aced this year. Edcite’s standards-based reporting features will be particularly helpful with this!shutterstock_222285793 

Grade Assignment Name Link
K Quiz — Kindergarten — All Standards https://edcite.com/1nh8q1
1 Quiz — Grade 1 — All Standards https://edcite.com/1q6m42
2 Quiz — Grade 2 — All Standards https://edcite.com/1wey1a
3 Quiz — Grade 3 — All Standards https://edcite.com/1xmp02
4 Quiz — Grade 4 — All Standards https://edcite.com/1t2q0n
5 Quiz 1 — Grade 5 — All Standards https://edcite.com/1e2wps
5 Quiz 2 — Grade 5 — All Standards https://edcite.com/1nent0

Think there are other assignments on Edcite that could be helpful test prep? Share them in the comments below!


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