Perfecting your PARCC Practice


PARCC Name: Evidence-Based Select Response
Acronym: EBSR
My nickname: Part A, Part B

EBSR questions ask students to demonstrate a skill on a multiple choice question and then back up that answer with textual evidence. This is the question type students will see the most, so it is important for them to be comfortable with it. Plus, it’s good practice to always have students supporting their answers with textual evidence.

Below is a screen shot from Question 1 on the End of Year 3rd Grade ELA released PARCC Practice Test. Click on the image to view it full size. You will see that I have made three notes on the picture–these are three spots where the teacher can coach the students. (There are other coaching tips that work for this question, but I’ll go over them on the other question types.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.24.56 PM
Coaching Tips:

1. Scrolling:
What may seem obvious to you, may not be obvious to your 3rd graders or even your 11th graders taking a digital assessment for the first time. Scrolling tends to be overlooked in teaching students about technology. Make sure your kids know that they have to click in the passage box and scroll down. The way to scroll is going to depend on the device you are using, but what is consistent is the need to teach kids to click and scroll on both the passage box and sometimes in the questions. We don’t want students to not realize there are more paragraphs to read or answer choices listed below.

2. Single Select vs. Multi-select:
Part A, Part B question types will always be a multiple choice either asking students to select one option or to select multiple options. When the question asks students to select a single choice the clickable icons will appear as circles; when the question asks for a multi-select the icons will appear as squares.

3. Must get Part A correct to get Part B correct:
This is a big one to talk through with your students. Part A is meant to assess your ability to use a Common Core literacy skill (vocabulary, theme, characterization…) and Part B is meant to provide the evidence that shows your answer is correct. Well, if Part A is wrong then it’s impossible for you to correctly prove it’s the right answer with evidence. Even if you selected the evidence that is associated with that question, you haven’t mastered the skill of correctly linking evidence and answers. No Part B if Part A is incorrect. I find the basketball analogy of 1 & 1 Free Throws to sometimes make a nice analogy. You don’t get that second shot if you miss the first one.

Try it out yourself on Edcite with this question:

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