Exemplar Assignments from 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, we wanted to highlight the most outstanding and popular assignments from this past year. Please share these outstanding resources with your friends, your students, and your personal learning network (PLN)!

English Language Arts:

Grade Assignment Name Short URL
K Long Vowel or Short Vowel? edcite.com/1ddmyj
1 Penguin Babies edcite.com/1aj6af
2 Baby Bao Bao edcite.com/19b2x9
3 Grade 3 Fable: the Lion and the Mouse edcite.com/1obbao
4 Grade 4 Fable: The Story That Has No End edcite.com/1quqqq
5 The Black Pearl
6 Short Story Practice edcite.com/10ljly
7 Freedom Riders
8 Patrick Henry edcite.com/1gbwz7
9 9th Grade Writing Practice edcite.com/1lxbcq
10 Frederick Douglass
11 The Crucible
12 Nonfiction Reading Comprehension – John Wilkes Booth edcite.com/14jkhr



Assignment Name

Short URL

K Sorting and Counting — Kindergarten — Measurement and Data edcite.com/10zie2
1 Pre-assessment, all standards edcite.com/1sdxwy
2 Number Sentences edcite.com/1sp540
3 Rounding Numbers to 100s and 10s edcite.com/1vx7k9
4 Factoring and Multiples edcite.com/1k33sm
5 Rounding Decimals edcite.com/1odtz2
6 6.RP.A.3a Ratios and Proportions edcite.com/1eefu3
7 7th Grade Ratios Homework edcite.com/1lat57
8 Opportunity Gap Performance Task edcite.com/1jx4gr
Geometry Point, Line, Arc Definitions edcite.com/1q59v9
Algebra I Working With Slope edcite.com/1bys8i
Algebra II Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials
Statistics High School Data Modeling edcite.com/1hx3b5
Pre-Calculus Complex Numbers Review edcite.com/1uok1k
Gaeilge Math! Ag Sórtáil edcite.com/18ey9v



Assignment Name

Short URL

Middle School Woman’s Suffrage
High School Gains of the Great Depression edcite.com/1nrhb7
High School Dissecting a momentous speech in US History edcite.com/1xuc41



Assignment Name

Short URL

Middle School Biotic and Abiotic Factors edcite.com/1n5re4
Middle School The Coriolis Effect edcite.com/16jns6
Middle School Nutrition in Animals edcite.com/1lkkl1
Biology Mitosis Review
Chemistry Ionization Energy edcite.com/1l2d5v
Physics Electricity Review Assignment


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