Thankful Thoughts

This Thanksgiving, we’re feeling deeply thankful for:

1. Our Growing Family:

Since last Thanksgiving, our family has grown to over 20,000 teachers and 50,000 students. We have also engaged with hundreds of school leaders and parents. To all of you in our Edcite community, we are so grateful.blogpostpic1

2. Growing Older, and Wiser:

On November 15th, we celebrated our 1-year Beta Birthday! Read about our accomplishments over the last year here!


3. Making Progress:

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we released two outstanding site enhancements. First, teachers can now create content using our 8 PARCC question types, including new questions for both ELA and Math. We have also implemented a standards-based grading report, which you can use for past, current and future assignments.


4. Sharing + Caring:

Thanks to teacher contributors, our shared library has grown to include over 4,200 assignments. Of these, over 2,350 are Common Core-aligned assignments, over 50 are NGSS-aligned and 40 are NCCA-aligned. This holiday break, make sure to check out our assignments library! Keep an eye out for special Turkey Day assignments!


5. Our global teachers:

Though Edcite has focused on reaching American teachers in the last year, we have seen teachers from 23 countries sign up — from countries like Ireland to India, from Australia to Argentina. If you’ve seen words like “math” being written as “maths”, or “color” as “colour”, you are probably looking at the assignment of an international teacher!


 6. And Finally…Some Extra Sleep!

This last year has kept us busy and we’re excited to finally catch up on some zzzzs. We know you are as well, so please enjoy your break!


What are you feeling thankful for? Let us know in your comments!

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