About Edcite

Edcite is a free platform for teachers that allows them to find, create, and send out Common Core aligned assignments to students.  Teachers can search through a teacher-curated library of existing assignments, create their own unique assignments, or even modify existing ones for the best of both worlds. With over 60 different question types, teachers can engage students in authentic and rigorous practice. Edcite also saves teachers time with autograding features for many of its question types.

Edcite’s goal is to make it easy for teachers and parents to find, assemble, or create, tailored learning exercises for their students.  These exercises can be sent to students as assignments, and automatically scored and reported for early feedback in the learning cycle.  With a growing library of interactive educational content, the Edcite framework can provide students with essential practice and feedback on how they are doing.  Teachers and parents get a more detailed knowledge of each students learning allowing earlier adjustments when needed.

For further information, please visit http://edcite.com/about.html

For questions and help, please visit the Edcite Help Center.

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