Back-to-School 2022-23: New School Year, New Features

As the summer draws to a close and a new school year begins, we’re excited to share our latest features and updates, as well as highlight what else is coming down the pike. The Edcite Team has had a busy summer further enhancing the Edcite experience and we’re really looking forward to another great school year! Below are some of the notable updates to share.

1. Rich Text Editor Update

The rich text editor has a fresh, new look with additional shortcut options and updated image resizing. Undo, redo, and preview toolbar buttons are sure to make question creating quicker and more intuitive!

2. Grid View Update

Traditionally, Edcite’s Grading page has had the option of grading by student or grading by question. Following feedback from teachers, we developed and released a Grid View last summer (a similar experience to entering scores on a spreadsheet). This view is especially useful for quick grading of assignments, assigning participation scores, and grading tests completed with paper-pencil. With this summer’s update, the Grid View got a new feature: toggling between takes using a simple dropdown menu. For more information on grading with the Grid View, click here.

3. Bulk Force Submit & Un-submit (Edcite Schools)

Force submitting and un-submitting student work has many practical applications. If, for example, a student forgets to submit their work, a teacher can force submit their assignment on the Grading page. But, what if half the class forgets to submit their assignment? Well, now teachers can force submit (or un-submit) student work in bulk. This was a heavily requested feature, so we’re really excited about this one! Learn more here.

4. Bubble Sheets/Paper Testing Update (Edcite Schools)

Edcite Schools teachers can print and grade bubble sheets. Multiple Choice questions have been supported for a number of years, and this summer we added two additional question types to this paper-pencil testing option: Free Response and Essay Response questions! Discover how to print, upload, and grade bubble sheets here.

5. New Content and Standards

Our content team is always working hard to digitize the latest state-released tests, and this summer was no exception. Below you will find some of the new content and standards that have been released on Edcite:



  • California: ELA Claims and Targets
  • Florida: new ELA and Math standards
  • Massachusetts: PE standards

If you didn’t know, Edcite maps standards across states. This means, for example, if a question is tagged in Massachusetts to a particular standard and the text of that standard is the same as a standard in the state of Washington, we map them as equivalent. This means more content is shown to teachers in the relevant local standards they are expected to use!

Coming Soon…

Below is a list of features and content that are in the works. To keep up-to-date with all of our upcoming releases, be sure to check out our Product Updates page.

  1. Text-to-speech feature enhancement: tracking (the highlighting of words as they are read) will be supported (Edcite Schools only). See below for a sneak peak of how this will look!
  2. Partial scoring option being added to more question types.
  3. Question type updates: Drawing answer, Math Single Answers, Math Multiple Answers.
  4. New graphing question type being added – students will be able to select the type of graph to use when answering a question.
  5. Admin Homepage update (Edcite Schools only).
  6. New Content:
    • TNReady 2017-18 Released Items (Tennessee)
    • CMAS Practice (Colorado)
    • MCAS 2022 Released Items (Massachusetts)
    • OST 2022 Released Items (Ohio)
    • AASA Sample Items (Arizona)
    • ILearn 2022 Released Items (Indiana)

Text-to-Speech Tracking

Back-to-School Webinar Series 22/23

Click here to register to join live or watch recordings of our 22/23 Back-to-School Webinar Series!

We always welcome feedback and strive to make Edcite the best platform it can be. If you have any suggestions on how we could make your Edcite experience better, please reach out to

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