Preparing for English Language Proficiency Assessments

As teams are preparing for end of year state assessments, many teachers are looking for resources that align to the english language proficiency assessments. Edcite offers aligned resources to both the WIDA ACCESS assessment and the ELPA21 assessments such as the OELPA in Ohio.

Question Types

Edcite allows you to find and build technology-enhanced items that mirror the questions students see on English acquisition assessments. You are also able to embed audio for listening questions.

Edcite Schools (our premium school and district version) also allows for students to record audio themselves for speaking assessments.

English Language Proficiency Standards

Assessments are meant to drive instruction, so it’s important that teams can tag items to the appropriate standards and then analyze the results. Edcite offers English Language Proficiency standards and all Edcite teachers can leverage our standards report.

Strong Community of Educators

The Edcite community includes more than 200,000 educators, many of whom share resources online. We are all in this together, so why not lean in to the community sharing and collaboration of resources for students learning English?

Check out this great Edcite collection from Timothy Crabtree from Columbus, Ohio who has shared publicly more than 200 assessments for measuring English language proficiency.

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