5 Edcite Settings That Support Assessment Security

Teachers give assessments so that they can find out what students understand, what needs to be reviewed or retaught, and where differentiation needs to happen. Because the goal is to determine if student learning has occurred, it’s important for assessments, especially summative assessments, to be true indications of what students know.

When teachers give an assessment on Edcite, they can quickly enable free settings that help support assessment security in the classroom. With these settings, teachers can ensure that each student will show what they know. To view an assignment’s settings on Edcite, select Edit mode. Then click on the gear icon to open the settings.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 1.17.06 PMHere are five Edcite assignment settings that will help you create a secure testing environment in your classroom:

  1. Randomize Question Order: Enable this setting to change the assessment question order for each student. Find this setting under “Basic Settings.”
  2. Hide Answer Details in Report: Turn on this setting, and students will not be shown answer details for each question in their score report. This setting is helpful when you do not want students to have access to answers during summative testing. Students will only see a score for each question. Find this setting under “Student Report.” You can later turn off this setting if you’d like to release the answer details once all students have finished testing.
  3. Control Retakes:  Check off this setting if you would like to disable assignment retakes. Students will only be able to submit the assignment once.
  4. Disable Question Reset: With this setting, students will not be able to reset a question. Find this setting under “Student View.”
  5. Access Control: With this setting, you can set a specific date and time that students will have access to the assignment. This is helpful if you want students to access the test during one class period or only during school hours.

Want to learn more about Edcite assignment settings? 🎥 Check out our 15-minute webinar!

🏫 Interested in assessment security options for your school or district? Our Edcite Schools assessment platform offers a lock-down browser, locked common assessments, administrator assessment scheduling, and more. Learn more by visiting https://www.edcite.com/EdciteSchools.


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