Number Line Question Types

With 60 question types, Edcite has more technology-enhanced question types than any other assessment platform. The majority of our question types are auto-graded, which saves teachers time and gives both students and teachers instant feedback. Teachers can also tag items to state standards, which gives teachers immediate standards-based data.

Two of our most popular math question types are our number line questions.

Number Line – Points and Ranges (#025) asks students to graph points and ranges on a number line. This question type is auto-graded.

Number Line – Zoomable (#030) asks students to graph a point on a number line with zoom to enable greater precision. This is great practice for estimation because students must pick the right interval to zoom into. This question type is also auto-graded.

Check out these number line items that teachers have shared on Edcite!

💻  Inequality Number Line

💻 Graph on the Number Line

💻 Question 4

💻 Middle Number Line Zoom

Want to create your own number line question? 🎥 Check out the quick video below for step-by-step instructions.

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