Randomized Numeric Question Type

With feedback from our community, Edcite has created 60 question types to help students show their learning. One of the question types we have created helps ensure that students have a secure testing environment.

That is why our randomized numeric question type has become so popular with math teachers!

Randomized Numeric Response (#068) allows teachers to create one question that will be different for every student. You choose the variable and set a range for it. Students across the room will see different numbers in their math problem. Once they submit, the question will be auto-graded!

Check out these randomized numeric items that teachers have shared on Edcite!

💻  Proportion (Randomized Question)

💻 Randomized Q4

💻 Perimeter

💻 2nd Grade Less Than

💻 2nd Grade Greater Than

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Interested in learning more about our plans for schools and districts? Click here to see the benefits and start giving common assessments.

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