Array Question Type

Teachers love the variety of question types available on Edcite. Edcite’s 60 technology-enhanced question types can be used to assess DOK levels and state standards and are an easy way to provide differentiation. Our question types also align with those found on state tests around the country.

One of the most popular Edcite question types answered by elementary students is the array question type.

Array Answer (#080) asks students to read a word problem and create an array to show their learning.

Teachers can customize the array image. Have students create arrays with apples, cupcakes, robots—anything you’d like! What’s even better is that you and your students will also get instant feedback after students complete the question.

Check out these array items that teachers have shared on Edcite!

💻 Array Question Sample 1

💻 Create Array 4

💻 Array Question Sample 2

💻 Area

Want to create your own Array Answer question? 🎥 Check out the quick step-by-step video below.

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