Extended Select Answer Question Type

Edcite has 60 technology-enhanced question types that teachers can use to create interactive practice for students—more than any other assessment platform!

One of the most popular question types on Edcite is our Extended Select Answer.

Extended Select Answer (#001) asks students to synthesize information that they have read in a passage, listened to in an audio clip, or watched in a video. They are then asked to select the correct answers in a table.

Both teachers and students will get instant feedback after students answer the question. This question type is often found on state assessments, but it can be used across subjects to assess student learning.

Check out these Extended Select Answer items that teachers have shared into our Question Bank!

💻 How are apple farmers adapting? / Q. 4

💻 War of the Worlds – Paired Text & Audio – Q. 8

💻 3rd Grade EBA – Q. 11

💻 Firsts for Women of the Summer Olympics – Q. 7

💻 Tolstoy Letters to Gandhi/ Q. 3

Want to create your own Extended Select Answer question? 🎥 Check out the quick step-by-step video below.

Looking for more practice, including state test practice? Check out our Featured Collections!

Interested in learning more about our plans for schools and districts? Click here to see the benefits and start giving common assessments.

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