Matching Question Types

Edcite has more question types than any other assessment platform! With 60 technology-enhanced question types available, you can create items that meet your students’ learning needs. Teachers can also find standards-based items in our Question Bank.

Two of our most popular question types on Edcite are our matching question types!

Matching Text-to-Text (#043) asks students to match words, definitions, evidence, quotes, math equations, scientific methods, Constitutional Amendments or other concepts they are learning. Students will match items in one column with items in another column.

Multimedia Matching (#042) allows teachers to add multimedia such as images, audio clips, or videos as answer choices.

Both question types also give students practice with drag and drop.

Check out these five matching items that teachers have shared into our Question Bank!

💻 Cause and Effect Matching

💻 Types of Government

💻 Examples of Text Structure

💻 Rounding to the nearest whole number

💻 Percentage Discount

Want to create your own matching question? 🎥 Watch the step-by-step video below to learn how!

Looking for more practice, including state test practice? Check out our Featured Collections!

Interested in learning more about our plans for schools and districts? Click here to see the benefits and start giving common assessments.

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