National Hispanic Heritage Month Playlist 2 (Teacher Resources)

This is the second part of our series on National Hispanic Heritage Month. Click here to visit Playlist 1!

We are continuing our celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month by sharing a playlist of assignments dedicated to learning the Spanish language. Read below to find beginning, intermediate, and advanced Spanish assignments.

Continuamos nuestra celebración del Mes de la Herencia Hispana por compartir una lista de las asignaciones dedicada al aprendizaje de la lengua española. Lea a continuación para encontrar principiante, intermedio, y las asignaciones españolas avanzadas.


Assignments about the Spanish Language

Asignaciones Sobre la Lengua Española



Basic Spanish Words Review

Students will play interactive games to review Spanish colors, greetings, numbers, and days of the week.


giphy (35).gif


Spanish Vocab Practice

Students will answer a variety of interactive questions related to Spanish vocabulary words.




Los Reflexivos

Students will review the reflexive verb tense in Spanish.


giphy (37).gifA Dios Le Pido – Juanes

Students will practice their Spanish grammar by listening to a song by the Colombian musician Juanes.


giphy (38).gif


Spanish II Diagnostic

This assessment can be used as a diagnostic at the beginning of the course or as a summative assessment at the end.




Students will read two Spanish texts about the history of immigration.


giphy (40).gifEl Medio Ambiente

Students will analyze an environmental article written in Spanish and practice geography skills.



Do you have an assignment related to Hispanic heritage? Share it in our public library, or create an assignment collection by visiting your Teacher profile!


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