Women of Edcite

Women of Edcite

Too ofOnly 25 Percent GIFten, women find themselves the minority voice in a crowded office. According to the National Center for Women and Information Technology, in 2015 women made up only 25% of the computing workforce in the US, and less than 10% were women of color. There comes a point in the constant conversation about inequity, that you begin to wonder is this narrative changing at all?

It is so important to acknowledge the realities of challenges that women, and in particular women of color, face in the work force, but it is also important to highlight where progress is being made and hear from women and companies working to change the status quo. Edcite has prioritized equity in education technology, from the products we offer to the teams and work culture we are building. In fact, women make up the majority of our team. Take the next few minutes to read about the Women of Edcite, and their thoughts on gender equity and working as a woman in tech!

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View the women’s full responses – Women of Edcite Interviews

Where We Stand  


Make the First Step

Priya_Indumathi GIFIf you are a woman interested in working in the tech industry, consider taking a free online class or joining an organization that supports women like you! Here are three places to start:

  1. Code Academy
  2. Lean In
  3. Women in Technology International

In the Classroom

Because Edcite is an educational technology company, we understand how important it is to begin these conversations in the classroom. Here are two assignments that teach students about gender equality in the tech industry.

Elementary Assignment – Girlpreneurs

In this ELA assignment, students will read an article about a contest for 5th-9th grade girls called “The 54-Hour Startup Weekend.” At the end, students will be asked to come up with their own technology product.

Middle School Assignment – Bridging the Tech Gender Gap

In this ELA assignment, students will watch a video about Girls Who Code and reflect on the tech gender gap.

Join the Conversation 

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