Teacher of the Month: Carol Raff

Each month we honor an exceptional teacher from our Edcite community, and we are proud to honor our January Teacher of the Month, Carol Raff, a middle school teacher in Ohio! According to the teacher who nominated her, “Carol not only uses Edcite to prepare her students for a digital world, she has also energized the entire staff of Oakwood Middle School to use Edcite in their classrooms. Carol provides support for beginners like me as well as those veteran users who need a refresher. Carol has made me an Edcite believer.”

Carol Raff 4
Read more about Carol and her use of Edcite below.

Tell us a bit about yourself.Carol Raff 1
I am currently in my 18th year of teaching and have spent all of my years in the Plain Local School District in Canton, Ohio. I have 3 awesome children and one beautiful daughter in law. I enjoy traveling with my fiance, Mike and visiting warm tropical places. Summers (when I am not in classes! ) I enjoy poolside with my little dog Sadie.

What do you teach?
I currently am teaching Informational Technology 2.0. I am excited about this class because it is a class that I have developed. I also help with tech integration at our school. This is the first year that we have a 1:1 initiative.

Carol Raff 2Why did you become a teacher?
I originally got into the field of education because I loved little kids. However, all of my years have been spent at the Middle School level. I enjoy this age because they are a good mix of independent and inquisitive learners.

How did you hear about Edcite?
I first began using Edcite last year. I was looking for an assessment program that utilized the same tools as the PARCC Assessment. I was very fortunate to have other teachers in the building who were looking for the same type of Assessments so we became an Edcite Team!

What aspects make you most “Edcited” about Edcite?
I like Edcite because the tech team is so very helpful. I was first introduced to Talia and without her help I would have really struggled. As time went on creating and using questions and assessments became much easier. I love that the Edcite Team is always looking for suggestions to improve. They really do listen and make requested changes and additions.

How do you use Edcite in the classroom?
I use Edcite in my classroom in a variety of ways. At the beginning of lessons to get an idea of where my students are with the new concept,  in the middle to see if learning targets are being reached, and at the end to see what I need to do to make sure all students have achieved the learning target.

Carol Raff 3
Final Words of Wisdom for other Edcite Users? 🙂
I have found the more I use Edcite the better I get! Making assessments no longer takes as long as it did when I first began. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the Edcite Team as they are so willing to talk you through any questions you might have!

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