Edcite Super Bowl Playbook (Teacher Resources)

With Super Bowl 50 around the corner, why not give students a formative assessment that’s football focused? Check out some of these formative assessments on Edcite that incorporate the Super Bowl.



  • “Does the score add up?”
    How much do you really know about the Super Bowl? Learn more about every aspect of the game through multiplication of two digit numbers, telling time, division, and addition.
  • “Super Bowl L”
    Are you ready for some Super Bowl math questions? Exercise your table creation skills, multiplication, geometry knowledge, and addition skills to help you get ready for the BIG GAME!
  • “What were the odds?”
    5 Question assignment that covers mean, median, interpreting graphs, probability, and the difference between theoretical and experimental probability.
  • “Super Bowl Stats”
    6 Question assignment that covers definition of probabilty, graphical analysis, and a few writing questions where students act as a CEO and decide what a company should do.



  • “How the Super Bowl Got Its Name”
    In this lower elementary assignment, students will practice their reading comprehension and identify main ideas. They’ll also play a fun word game at the end!
  • “Super Bowl Consumption”
    Middle school reading assignments where students read about the amount of consumption Super Bowl fans engage while celebrating this football game. With a focus on an author’s word choice and tone, students will answer technology-enhanced questions about how the way an article is written impacts the way the information is received.
  • “Super Bowl Ads”
    High School students listen to an NPR interview and read an article from the Washington Post to consider whether the cost of Super Bowl ads are worth it. After some basic comprehension questions, students write a letter to the CEO of Coca Cola with a recommendation.

Check out Edcite to find our Super Bowl assignments and more!

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