Teacher of the Month: Amy Wise

971720_10152051440784989_479270811_nFor our first Teacher of the Month of the 2015-2016 school year, we’re excited to celebrate Amy Wise! Amy is a teacher from Ohio, who currently teaches 5th grade Science and Social Studies. Here are some of Amy’s amazing science assignments!
1.  Tell us about yourself:
My name is Amy Wise and I live in Canton, Ohio.  I am honored to have been teaching for 18 years in the same district I grew up in!  I love it in Plain Local and live here with my 2 children, Samantha who is 12 in the 7th grade and Nathan is 8 in the 3rd grade.  I love to bake, take pictures, travel and spend time with my family.


2.  Why did you go into teaching?
I moved into the Plain Local School District when I was in the 4th grade and had the most wonderful teacher, Kathy Manse.  Ms. Manse, and her student teacher, Miss McNichols, taught me you could be loved by your teacher and showed me the thrill that learning could be.  That year was the year of the Challenger Explosion and I remember so clearly how much the loss of the teacher, Christa McAuliffe, impacted our school community.  At that point, I realized teachers could do anything and I strived to make that dream come true.


10393788_356132117909411_8485205268806404011_n3.  What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?
I love the smell of a new box of crayons at the beginning of fall.


4. What gives you hope about education?
There is something about knowing that you are impacting tomorrow’s future leaders that is amazing.  Students impact our lives in ways we never know they will and teach us new things all the time.
5. What opportunities are afforded to students because of classroom technology?
We are fortunate, in our district, to have a class set of iPads in our science classrooms and Edcite activities have been very easy to implement as quick formative and summative assessments.  Students are very engaged when technology is being utilized!


6. How have you used Edcite at your school? 10686764_303485489840741_1187876249979474977_n
We stumbled upon Edcite last year in a curriculum meeting.  As a science department who would soon be embarking on the new Ohio AIR test, we were looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate technology into our assessments.  We have been very excited to use Edcite and have seen great success with our students.  We are fortunate to have a class set of iPads in our science classrooms and Edcite activities have been very easy to implement as quick formative and summative assessments.


7. What makes you Edcited about using Edcite?
Edcite is a very teacher and student friendly program!  I can set up classes with minimal work as students simply enter a class code and are ready to go! I love that I can access data from this program and I have the ability to see where the class weakness and strengths are as well data for individual students.  Questions can be made in a great variety of ways and can be adapted for any subject and any topic!  The ability to add color photographs as opposed to a black and white handouts is very exciting as well!


8. Final Words of Wisdom?
Edcite is a fantastic program with new features being added all the time.  It is a wonderful teaching tool that students enjoy.

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