Are you smarter than a 19th century 5th Grader?

Are you smarter than a 5th grader in the 21st century?

Last month, TED Ideas posted this great article on their blog: Are You Smarter Than a 19th Century 5th Grader? The writer describes how young readers absorbed so much information through the reading of books! We are then challenged to take the quiz, and see if WE could compete with the book worms of the 19th century…

I loved it. And then I took the quiz…then I hated it. 10% was my score. :O You see, I tried to answer the questions like a student would in the 19th century–based on memory and experience.

I think I am smarter than a 19th century 5th grader! But, I’m realizing that they have me beat in rote memorization–where I win is in the ability to figure things out. Who says I have to play by 19th century rules? I can ace this quiz when I use my 21st century tools! Using the hyperlinks with each question, and equipped with all the knowledge of the internet, I could definitely rock this quiz.

So, let’s try a new challenge. Can you beat a 19th century 5th grader, using 21st century tools…in less than 3 three minutes? Because that’s the other thing about our new age education–we value efficiency!

You can take the quiz here, via Edcite, to have your quiz timed and answers scored automatically. Let’s leave the hand grading with answer keys in the last century. 😉

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