Back Away From the Copy Machine

During my time as a teacher I became a copy machine expert–I knew our machine so well! Paper should only go in the second drawer, with the first drawer slightly pulled out… Only do copies 50 at a time or the machine freaks out…give the machine five minutes after you turn it on before starting your copies…all these tricks I had picked up along the way. But I didn’t want to be a copy machine expert anymore–I just wanted to make the content and not have to print multiple copies from the temperamental machine. Not too mention the dilemma of how many extras do I make… Do I assume a student will lose one and make extras or do I make just enough and kick myself when someone rips a hole in their paper with their eraser? All of my paper problems would be over–if everything were digitized!

Digitizing content often comes in the form of formative assessments, but I wanted to see what one of my lessons would look like if I used Edcite to digitize the whole thing!

I took this powerpoint presentation which runs through my entire class and moved everything onto Edcite as can be seen in this Teacher/Projected Version of that day’s Edcite work. I wanted to challenge myself with this digitization, so I selected a lesson I normally wouldn’t consider digital responses for…an in-class discussion day. Although a bit daunting, by the end I was able to create the whole lesson with digitized responses (and zero paper) to hold my students accountable!

Let me know how you are digitizing your classroom and maybe we can feature you and your kids on here next!

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