Going Digital? Find the Perfect Assignment for You and Your Students!


Summer is a time for lazy days by the pool, catching up on reading, and — oh yeah! — summer planning. Teaching is by far and away the toughest job in the world, and a break is totally necessary. But, in my personal experience, the stress-free summer lifestyle allowed me to dream big and make some of the best changes to my curriculum.

With the upcoming shift to the Common Core and online assessments, we’re here to help our users problem-solve ways to prepare for both of these monumental shifts. In this vein, we compiled a master list of exemplar assignments that can be found in our assignments library. Every teacher, from every grade level and subject can find an online, Common-Core aligned assignment fit for their students. Your students will be able to practice with the Common Core skills while also trying their hand at an online assignment that utilizes the same interactive question types that SmarterBalanced and PAARC both use. So please do enjoy the rest of your summer break. But, if you do take some time to plan, think about where you can incorporate one of these online assignments into your already-awesome plans. And then do us a huge favor — let us know how it goes!

English Language Arts:

Grade Assignment Name Short URL
K Long Vowel or Short Vowel? edcite.com/1ddmyj
1 Penguin Babies edcite.com/1aj6af
2 Baby Bao Bao edcite.com/19b2x9
3 Grade 3 Fable: the Lion and the Mouse edcite.com/1obbao
4 Grade 4 Fable: The Story That Has No End edcite.com/1quqqq
5 Too Much Soda edcite.com/1kwx3g
6 Short Story Practice edcite.com/10ljly
7 President Obama’s Back to School Speech edcite.com/1cwcx6
8 Patrick Henry edcite.com/1gbwz7
9 9th Grade Writing Practice edcite.com/1lxbcq
10 Oscar Wilde — De Profundis edcite.com/1ak628
11 Scopes Trial — Persuasive Writing edcite.com/1xudn3
12 Nonfiction Reading Comprehension – John Wilkes Booth edcite.com/14jkhr


Grade Assignment Name Short URL
K Sorting and Counting — Kindergarten — Measurement and Data edcite.com/10zie2
1 Pre-assessment, all standards edcite.com/1sdxwy
2 Number Sentences edcite.com/1sp540
3 Rounding Numbers to 100s and 10s edcite.com/1vx7k9
4 Factoring and Multiples edcite.com/1k33sm
5 Rounding Decimals edcite.com/1odtz2
6 6.RP.A.3a Ratios and Proportions edcite.com/1eefu3
7 7th Grade Ratios Homework edcite.com/1lat57
8 Opportunity Gap Performance Task edcite.com/1jx4gr
Geometry Point, Line, Arc Definitions edcite.com/1q59v9
Algebra I Working With Slope edcite.com/1bys8i
Algebra II Linear Equations and Inequalities edcite.com/1plbyw
Statistics High School Data Modeling edcite.com/1hx3b5
Pre-Calculus Complex Numbers Review edcite.com/1uok1k
Gaeilge Math! Ag Sórtáil edcite.com/18ey9v


Grade Assignment Name Short URL
Middle School Groups in the Women’s Rights Movement edcite.com/1mfqmm
High School Gains of the Great Depression edcite.com/1nrhb7
High School Dissecting a momentous speech in US History edcite.com/1xuc41


Grade Assignment Name Short URL
Middle School Biotic and Abiotic Factors edcite.com/1n5re4
Middle School The Coriolis Effect edcite.com/16jns6
Middle School Nutrition in Animals edcite.com/1lkkl1
Biology Macromolecules Review edcite.com/1mj1mr
Chemistry Ionization Energy edcite.com/1l2d5v
Physics Car Accident Physics Performance Task edcite.com/1lnx2x

As always, if you have any feedback on our content, please reach out to us! That’s what we’re here for.


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