Customization, Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Customization, Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All


When I taught middle school in Helena, Arkansas, I loved the saying that great teachers “beg, borrow, and steal” good teaching techniques and resources. Why reinvent the wheel? Work smarter, not harder. If someone has already created an amazing lesson, I want to use it also!

I constantly searched online for engaging lessons and materials. I was a big fan of BetterLesson and TFAnet (a site for Teach For America corps members and alum) and found myself frequently taking bits and pieces of what other teachers had already thought through.

Although I loved the collaboration that the internet was able to give me, I often couldn’t use things I found because they didn’t fit my classroom or the content just right. I wanted a way to build upon what great teachers had created and a way to customize it to my classroom. Customization is key to pushing online collaboration to the next level for teachers. Pick and choose what you like–make it your own on Edcite.

In what ways can you customize assignments on Edcite?

How to make the customizations!

When searching in our shared assignments library, you can copy an assignment to your personal library to use as is or customize. In order to copy an assignment, you need to first preview the material. You can do this from a couple spots:


If you select “Student View,” you can see the assignment as your kids would and the “Preview” brings up a view that shows you a slightly smaller window with all of the questions laid out. From the “Student View” and the “Preview,” you can copy the assignment into your library via the assign or copy buttons:


Once you have assigned or copied the assignment you will see this screen:


This is where the customization magic can happen!

You can choose to add your own questions, delete questions, or go in and edit by question. Even once you open a question using the pencil in the far right column, you can still add sub-questions from the question editor window.

Copying an assignment to your Edcite library is quick and simple! We want to empower teachers to customize their assignments that best engage their students at their levels.

Edcite: Empowering Teachers. Engaging Students.

Thank you for checking out our Customization Series!

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