Customization Series: Changing the Language

Sharing resources online means that literally anyone anywhere (with internet) could use another teacher’s uploaded content. As mentioned in our blog posts this week, Covering Content Your Way and Make it Relate, customization offers so many opportunities when coupled with the sharing of resources.  Beyond customizing the rigor and the content to fit your context, you can also customize the language. This could be as simple as changing an assignment about soda, and rewording it to say pop. Or as thorough as changing the entire language throughout the assignment. Here is an assignment about fractions/parts of a whole written in English. Through Edcite’s customization capabilities, teachers were able to adapt the content to meet the language needs of their classrooms! Graeme Higgins from Dublin adapted this version to be written in Irish. Jenna Boller, who will be teaching in France next year, adapted this version to be written in French.

Not only can you change the language to better fit your classroom as a whole, but you can also add targeted hints in other languages to support some of the students learning a in new language. Check out this customization of the fractions assignment that is intended to support Spanish-speaking English Learners in the class.

The bottom line is that no two classrooms are the same and no two teachers are the same. Edcite allows you to customize what you find and make it work for you and your kids!

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